"Wonder Woman"
Prize incl. ship. 72 Euro / Size 12x17inch/DinA3
Solid photo paper, matt, in very good print quality.

Signed !

Wonder Woman Original ! kopieren.jpg
Moleskine Cover Pierangelo Boog.jpg

Moleskine Portfolio. 4 selected plates from my sketchbook. Reprinted in Originalsize.

A limited and signed edition of 50 copies worldwide.  67 USD including shipping costs.

Mega-Package: All my printouts!
My two art books "Pierangelo Boog" and "SPHINX".

The three portfolios "ArcadianFantasies", "TABU" and "Moleskine". Additionally the new calendar for 2020
and the metal box with the 30 reprints.
All signed!
Price including shipping costs: 360 USD

"Bettie Page" Print
Price incl. ship. 72 Euro / Size 12x17 inch/DinA3/signed


"Mandy" print
Price incl. ship. 72 Euro / Size 12x17 inch/DinA3, signed


"Jungle Queen" and "Jaguar Woman" 2 prints.
Price incl. ship. 72 Euro. Size 12x17 inch/DinA3, signed

Jaguar Woman photo kopieren.jpg