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"Wonder Woman"
Prize incl. ship. 72 sFr. / Size 12x17inch/DinA3
Solid photo paper, matt, in very good print quality.

Signed !

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Wonder Woman Original ! kopieren.jpg
Moleskine Cover Pierangelo Boog.jpg
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Moleskine Portfolio. 4 selected plates from my sketchbook. Reprinted in Originalsize.
A limited and signed edition of 50 copies worldwide.  69 sFr. including shipping costs.

"Bettie Page" Print
Price incl. ship. 72 sFr. / Size 12x17 inch/DinA3/signed

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"Mandy" print
Price incl. ship. 72 sFr. / Size 12x17 inch/DinA3, signed

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